BRTA – Driver’s Needed

By Stephanie Caporale On July 12, 2018

BRTA Open Recruitment Wednesday, July 22nd, 10am to 12pm at BerkshireWorks Career Center

Job Description: PMB Paratransit Bus Driver

Job Title: Bus Operator

Summary of Responsibilities: Safely transports PMB Passengers along designated route in compliance with PMB policies and procedures and within allotted time frames.

Essential Functions:

1. Transports assigned riders within allotted time frames by following designated route, stopping at designated locations, assisting riders on and off the bus.

2. Maintains safe conditions by complying with traffic regulations, observing traffic conditions, avoiding dangerous situations, and enforcing passenger safety rules.

3. Maintains communications with Dispatch Team via two-way radio and RM Tablet

4. Completes accurate, complete, and timely records as required by PMB policies and/or Maintenance Supervisor.

5. Supports safety efforts by reporting needed service to PMB Dispatch Team and/ or a Supervisor.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Completes pre/post trip daily vehicle reports (VCR) and provides completed report to Maintenance.

2. Performs other duties as assigned by Dispatch Team or Supervisor.

Job Qualifications:

1. Current Driver’s License.

2. Ability to receive and maintain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate (DOT Card).

3. Ability to pass motor vehicle, criminal background and any other background checks at initial hire and regular intervals.

4. Ability to load, secure, and unload individuals using disability aids including wheelchairs.

5. General knowledge of roads in service areas.

6. Ability to complete written records required by applicable PMB policies and procedures.

7. Ability to communicate effectively and with sensitivity with riders and to maintain effective working relationships with other PMB staff members.

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